Ted Lewis Filmography


Is Everybody Happy (1929) 
Warner Bros. 
Film is lost, but soundtrack still exists
The full soundtrack  can be downloaded here

The Show of Shows (1929)
Lewis performs "Pirates" and "Lady Luck"

The Happiness Remedy (1931)
Paramount Pictures
One Reel Short

Here Comes the Band (1935)
Lewis performs medley of his hits "When My Baby Smiles At Me," "Wear a Hat With a Silver Lining," "Me and My Shadow," and "You're My Thrill."

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (1937)
Republic Pictures
Lewis performs "Music Magical Man"

Is Everybody Happy (1941)
Universal Pictures
Two Reel Short using cut musical numbers from Hold That Ghost

Hold That Ghost (1941)
Universal Pictures
Lewis performs "When My Baby Smiles at Me" and "Me and My Shadow."

Is Everybody Happy (1943)
Columbia Pictures
Biopic of Ted Lewis

Follow the Boys (1944)
Universal Pictures
Lewis performs "Goodnight"


What's My Line
July 15, 1956

The Hollywood Palace
November 28, 1964 (episode #2.10)
Lewis performs "When My Baby Smiles At at Me" "Me and My Shadow"

January 21, 1967 (episode #4.18)
Lewis performs "A Million Memories" and "Me and My Shadow Rock & Roll"

Person to Person
March 8, 1957 (episode #4.26)
Edward Murrow interviews Ted and Adah in their 115 Central Park West Apartment

This is Your Life
March 4, 1969

The Ed Sullivan Show
January 27, 1951
Lewis performs "Never Count Your Years," "Me and My Shadow," "Tiger Rag," "The Sunny Side of the Street" and "When My Baby Smiles at Me"

March 16, 1952
Lewis performs "A Million Memories," MacNamaras Band, " "A Shanty in Old Shantytown," "When My Baby Smiles At Me"

July 27, 1952
Lewis performs "Be Yourself," "St. Louis Blues," and "I'm Stepping Out With A Memory"

July 19, 1953
Lewis performs "Be Yourself," "The Tiger Rag," "The Sunny Side of the Street" and "When My Baby Smiles At Me"

May 16, 1954
Lewis performs "Never Count Your Years" and "Me and My Shadow"

January 2, 1955
Lewis performs "My Hands, My Hat, My Cane and Me" and "When My Baby Smiles at Me"

November 20, 1955
Lewis performs "How Long Is This Guy Gonna Last," "After You're Gone Medley and "Me and My Shadow"

July 22, 1956
Lewis performs "Me and My Shadow," "Me and My Shadow Rock and Roll," and "A Million Memories"

July 21, 1957
Lewis performs "There Are Things That Will Never Change" and "When My Baby Smiles At Me"

January 26, 1958
Lewis performs "I'm Stepping Out With A Memory," "K-K-K-Katy,"  &  and "The Tiger Rag"

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