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This website is lovingly dedicated to Polly Paige Miller (1920-2016), Coordinator of the Ted Lewis Museum, or "Aunt Polly" as called by visiting school children.  In 1972, following the 1971 death of Ted Lewis, she joined a committee formed to open a museum for housing his memorabilia.  From the dedication of the museum to her passing, she had a love affair with the museum; nearly every Friday and Saturday afternoon would find Polly "on deck."

As a member of the Board of Directors, Polly has held the offices of President, Vice-President and Treasurer.  She devoted numerous hours to the renovation and maintenance of the museum, collecting and archiving memorabilia, conducting tours, and answering correspondence from fans all over the world.  She helped design, establish and maintain a beautiful little triangular garden at the back of the museum.  Polly was also responsible for replacing the heavy wooden gate at the rear of the lot with a wrought iron gate, which features Ted's top hat and clarinet in the design.  Many times one would find Polly sweeping, dusting, and shining the glass in the showcases.  

Polly said she first met Ted while working at the Deshler Hotel in Downtown Columbus, Ohio, while attending Capital University.  Ted loved staying at the Deshler Hotel when he had gigs at the Palace Theatre.  One day Polly arranged to check him into the hotel.  During a brief conversation with her idol, she mentioned she was from Circleville.  Ted arranged for two tickets to his show.  She later said, "I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!"  She became a fan of Ted's because her father played his records.  

Without Polly's dedicated work, there would be no Museum as it is today.  Her name will always be synonymous with the Ted Lewis Museum.  On behalf of the Board of Directors and the many visitors from all over the world, thank you, Polly, for being "The Keeper of the Flame" for so many years.